CBD Business Builder Workshop 101

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Friday, April 26 2019 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

Learn The ABC’s of Commercialization™ of products in a regulated environment from a former pharmaceutical industry sales and marketing executive-turned pharmaceutical litigator. Invest in your business with this 2-hour interactive workshop presented by a life sciences commercialization and compliance expert. Gain real-work insights and practical know-how that will put your CBD and Hemp business on a path to success.

Sheri Tarr is uniquely positioned at the intersection of life sciences, commercialization, and compliance. She first held leadership positions in sales and marketing with global responsibility in Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Then in a flip of the script, Sheri became an attorney who spent her career in the courtroom holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for deceptive marketing practices, defective manufacturing and other regulatory violations. More inspired by innovation than
litation, Sheri then founded a consulting practice dedicated to helping life sciences companies and innovators, including hemp and cannabis stakeholders, successfully build and grow sustainable businesses that have a transformative impact on patient care and the economy.